Newt Gingrich: More guns are the answer to terrorism

After the terrorist attacks in Paris, Newt Gingrich helpfully tweeted,

Imagine a theater with 10 or 15 citizens with concealed carry permits. We live in an age when evil men have to be killed by good people

Oh right. Imagine, 15 citizens taking out their guns when the panic starts. Imagine, 15 people thinking the other 14 civilians are also terrorists. Imagine, a bunch of people shooting in the middle of a crowd of people screaming and running in all directions. All that would have accomplished is for the terrorists — who were planning to die anyway — to get MORE of what they wanted: chaos, carnage, and terror.

Right wing gun nuts suffer the delusion that everyone else will be able to tell who’s a “good guy with a gun” when the shooting, screaming, and panic to get away starts. They imagine that it will be just like the movies: the “good guys” will know exactly whom to shoot and will never miss. They think when good guys start shooting no innocent bystanders will ever be shot or killed.

I have to wonder if people like Newt Gingrich are really that stupid, or if they’re deliberately fear-mongering in order to drive up gun sales.

Usually, it’s about the money.