WATCH: Colbert pounds Kasich over pot legalization

It’s so good that we still have Stephen Colbert on TV.

“I know this is a dirty word when you’re running in the Republican primary, but you seem reasonable,” Colbert said to Republican presidential candidate John Kasich.

He then pressed Kasich on the failed marijuana initiative, noting that the governor campaigned against full legalization while allowing flexibility for medical marijuana if doctors call for it.

“We have a huge drug crisis in this country,” Kasich said.

“Is it really pot, the drug crisis?” Colbert interrupted. “Lots of people are going to jail for minor drug infractions, and it ruins their entire life.”

“We don’t do that in Ohio, okay?” Kasich said, adding that he has no interest in seeing minor drug offenders going to jail.

Kasich continued, “The problem with marijuana is this: We don’t want to tell our kids, ‘Don’t do drugs, but by the way, this drug’s okay.’”

“Isn’t that what alcohol is?” Colbert asked to applause and laughter. Colbert added, “I want to be clear, I’m not arguing for legalizing heroin.”