Twitter responds appropriately to Ben Carson’s latest lie

Twitter users have been adding the #bencarsonwikipedia hashtag to jokes about the Republican candidate’s questionable claims.

Most of today’s Twitter fun comes after the revelation that a story Carson told for many years about his early life isn’t true — that he was invited to attend West Point. Carson’s campaign was forced to admit the story was a lie after being confronted with the fact West Point could not confirm it.

But Twitterers are also twittering about a few of Carson’s other absurd claims… like that the pyramids in Egypt were built to store grain.

Here are some highlights:

. All the stone inside the pyramids is petrified wheat. Duh. What do think dinosaurs ate in the desert?

Roombas are cyborg anchor babies.

The Berlin Wall was erected because of the great popularity of racket ball in Germany.

The square root of any number is always four, because a square has four sides

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