Hillary Clinton is probably going to be our next president, but Democrats are losing.

It’s a good bet that Hillary Clinton is going to win the Democratic nomination and go on to become president, but it doesn’t matter. The Democratic party is losing. It’s losing where it really matters, in local and state elections. And it’s in the states where unions are going to lose out, where health coverage is going to lose out, and where infrastructure is going to lose out. It’s in the states and cities where anti-discrimination measures are going to be repealed, where protections of women’s health are going to be inhibited, where school standards will be written to suppress anything other than a white, protestant, Christian view, and where religious discrimination and the supremacy of white Christianity are going to be upheld.

Hillary Clinton will probably be our next president, but the Democratic party is losing. The Democrats are putting their focus on the White House, and getting their asses handed to them at the local and state level.