Marco Rubio’s “no show” hypocrisy

Marco Rubio hit back hard at Jeb Bush when the former Florida governor made note of how many votes Rubio has missed since he’s been on the campaign trail.

Rubio complained that other candidates have missed lots of votes too. But what Rubio neglected to mention is that some of the top aides working for his campaign have hit other candidates for not showing up for their day jobs.

In other words, Rubio is a hypocrite.

Rubio’s communications director, Alex Conant, and Todd Harris, a senior adviser to Rubio, used former Iowa Rep. Bruce Braley’s long record of missing hearings as a key component of their messaging strategy to elect now Sen. Joni Ernst.

“Iowans were inundated with messages highlighting Braley’s missed votes,” a Republican political consultant in Iowa told CNN, who spoke on condition of anonymity to openly discuss the strategy executed by the pair of Rubio operatives who engineered Ernst’s campaign. “It was a devastating blow to his campaign here.”

Social media from the time paints Ernst’s operation — featuring Harris and Conant — frequently slamming their opponent for skipping out on his congressional duties.

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