Mental illness is not the main cause of mass shootings in the US

A Washington Post survey perpetuates a dangerous stereotype about gun violence and mental health. Sixty-three percent of respondents blamed a deficient mental health care system as the prime reason for America’s continual gun massacres, while 23 percent pointed to weak gun regulations.

The truth is, the vast majority of mentally ill people are NOT violent.

Ignorant people don’t need another excuse to stigmatize the mentally ill. It doesn’t help that the gun lobby is pointing fingers at them to take attention off the REAL problems behind gun violence — the easy accessibility of guns to people who shouldn’t have them, weakened gun laws, gun show loopholes, the availability of high-powered weapons, large gun magazines… the list goes on and on.

But the gun industry does NOT want you to look at those because that’s where it makes money. And they will not allow any pile of bodies to get in the way of their profits. Instead, they want you to blame the mentally ill.

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