If Christians can lead public prayers, Satanists can too.

If Christians can pray on the field, so can the Satanists. And that’s what one student at Bremerton High School in Washington wants to do.

Bremerton’s coach Joe Kennedy has defied orders from school officials to stop leading public prayers for his team. The school says the prayers violate the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, which prohibits public officials from promoting religion.

Lilith Starr, head of The Satanic Temple of Seattle, says that by failing to stop the forced prayers, the school has turned the football field into an open forum and, therefore, cannot discriminate against Satanists.

In permitting school-sponsored prayer, the district has created a de facto open forum for religious expression in accordance to the Establishment Clause of the federal constitution which prohibits the government from preferring one religion over another. Therefore, the Satanic Temple wishes to ensure their belief system has equal access to the football field.

“We will be at Thursday’s game doing a postgame Satanic invocation on the field if Coach (Joe) Kennedy continues to pray,” Starr says. “We won’t step on the field if he is stopped or doesn’t pray.”

I’m guessing the “Christian” response will be that only Christians have freedom of religion.


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