Obama: I’m not going to ‘take everyone’s guns away’

“Nobody’s doing that,” the president said in Chicago.

Ever since Barack Obama came on the national stage as a presidential candidate I’ve been hearing the gun nuts shriek that he was going to take everyone’s guns away.

The idiot chorus got louder after he was elected the first time. But in four years, he didn’t take one step toward taking guns.

Then the shrieking got even louder when he was running for re-election, and the nutcases said that Obama not taking all the guns in his first term was just a trick to lull us into electing him again so he could, you guessed it, take everyone’s guns away.

Now we’re closing in on the home stretch, and the chorus grows ever louder.

Look, not only is Obama not going to take anyone’s guns, he’s not really going to do anything about gun violence either. Face it, if we did nothing about the problem after Sandy Hook, we never will.

Gun nuts have nothing to worry about.