Christian sex advice: Don’t look at your wife’s face during sex when she resists.

Buddy Christ

A Christian website that gives advice to couples about how to live by the Bible’s “gender roles” advised men that they shouldn’t look at their wives’ faces during sex if she has sex “begrudgingly.”

In a column, a writer going by the name Larry Solomon (he explained he uses a pen name for “the same reason that Christ hid himself from Jews,” whatever that’s supposed to mean) wrote that men “should not tolerate refusal.” That’s because women and lesser than men, and Solomon apparently longs for the days when women were chattel and there was none of this talk of “rights” for the lower female species.

Solomon noted that forcing wives into sex doesn’t always result in an enjoyable experience for the husband, but apparently husbands aren’t to let that little fact bother them.

Focus your eyes on her body, not her face. Focus on the visual pleasure you receive from looking at her body and physical pleasure you receive from being inside your wife. You want to connect with her physically AND emotionally during sex. But your wife is the one refusing to connect with you emotionally, so you have to concentrate 100% on the physical side.

Wife rape. It’s what Jesus would do.