WATCH: Immigration protester attacked, dragged and kicked at Trump rally

As this protester is being dragged out of the room and then apparently kicked while he was down (video plays at link), the crowd around him loudly chants “U-S-A! U-S-A!” That may be the most chilling thing about the video.

But it’s not the first time Trump supporters have turned to violence against people with the wrong skin color. Trump claims to be for LEGAL immigration, but his supporters don’t take that into account when they go into a blood rage and start lashing out physically, punching, beating, kicking and assaulting anyone who might remotely look like an immigrant, legal or otherwise.

And don’t you DARE have brown skin and exercise your free speech rights — his supporters will at the very least spit in your face, and at most injure you or maybe even kill you.

We are witnessing the stoking of mob violence. That’s what this is. Make no mistake about it. And Trump revels in it as his supporters get more violent and vicious.

I expect some of his followers will adopt the wearing of brown shirts soon.