Bernie won’t win

Bernie Sanders

I like Bernie Sanders more than I like Hillary Clinton, but Bernie isn’t going to win the nomination. His poll numbers are okay, but after the first debate Hillary’s numbers are pulling away, and now that Biden has decided not to get in the race, Hillary looks more and more like the winner.

While I don’t like Hillary as much as I like Bernie, I won’t be worried if she wins the nomination and then becomes president. I should say, I won’t be any more worried than I usually am. Because even if Bernie were to become president, the system is the system and one man isn’t going to change it. Look what the system did to stymie Barack Obama. Does anyone think insane Republicans will let Bernie get anything done just because he’s white?

And no, they’re not going to let Hillary get anything done either.

The problem, my dear Democratic friends, is that the Republicans are winning no matter what. Why do I say that? Because they have taken over the majority of state legislatures and governorships… and that’s where the nuts and bolts of the system operates. The Republicans are going to continue winning in the states even as they shoot themselves in the feet doing it, because Democrats have completely dropped the ball there, focusing only on the White House and national politics.