Voter suppression: Making sure the “wrong” people (i.e. young people or minorities) can’t register

There are 36,000 incomplete voter registration forms languishing in Kansas thanks to a new voter I.D. law that makes it harder for some people to register.

Secretary of State Kris Kobach says to just throw them out after 90 days. It’s a de facto voter purge even though Kobach sneers these people were never registered to vote in the first place so they don’t count.

Kansas law requires people registering to vote must prove US citizenship. Some people don’t find this out until they try to register for the first time and are told they need a passport, birth certificate and naturalization papers to verify their citizenship. Many people don’t have those documents, certainly not when they’re registering and didn’t know they needed them, or they don’t have easy access to them. And it turns out, it’s mostly the young and minorities. In other words, people who tend to vote for Democrats.

So the state is helpfully discouraging them from voting. Voting is, after all, only for white Republicans.