Mathew Ajibade was tortured to death in a police holding cell. The officers will only get a slap on the wrist.

Two cops tortured a young black man to death while he was shackled to a chair in a holding cell.

The officers were both acquitted of murder.

Mathew Ajibade was a mentally ill man who was tased while in restraints and then left unattended.

The former officers along with a jailhouse nurse were convicted of lesser charges.

Former officer Jason Kenny, who used the stun gun on Ajibade, was found guilty of cruelty to a prisoner, and he could go to prison for 1 to 3 years. Another former officer, Maxine Evans, was found guilty of falsifying records.

The jury found the nurse, Gregory Brown, guilty of perjury for claiming he had checked on Ajibade when security footage shows he never did.

Ajibade, 22, was handcuffed to a restraint chair in an isolation cell after he allegedly hit his girlfriend and broke a deputy’s nose while in the midst of what his family described as a bipolar episode on New Year’s Day.

Officers also placed a spit mask over his mouth. He was found dead in the chair, still wearing the spit mask, in the early morning hours of January 2.

Graphic video obtained by NBC News showed deputies tasing Ajibade in the groin while he was in a restraint chair — a controversial device that Amnesty International has said should be banned.

Source: Ex-Cops Acquitted of Top Charge in Mathew Ajibade’s Jailhouse Death – NBC News