How many lies did indicted Fox News “terror analyst” tell?

For 13 years, Fox News presented Wayne Simmons as a CIA operative and so-called “terror expert.” He’s now indicted as a fraud. He’s beenĀ charged with making false statements, major fraud against the United States and wire fraud. If convicted he could spend 35 years in prison.

He was one of Fox News’ go-to guys for Benghazi scandal stories, always inventing new things to outrage the right wing audience.

He told lots of other lies too, including fanciful stories of Muslim training camps in the US, and “no-go” zones in Europe where non-Muslims weren’t allowed. He called for racial profiling of Muslims in America. He invented lots of Muslim conspiracies in which Obama and the White House were involved. (Notice a pattern?)

There are many more outrageous things Simmons spewed on Fox. Here’s a recap.