More polls are showing Hillary Clinton won the debate

There are now three polls that show Hillary Clinton winning overwhelmingly.

The only problem is once people latch onto a conspiracy theory — “corporate media wants us to think Hillary won, and they want to shut Bernie down because he’s too dangerous” — they never let it go.

It was my honest personal opinion by the end of the debate that while Bernie Sanders did very well, Clinton was the clear winner. I felt that way despite the fact I’m not the biggest Hillary fan and agree far more with Bernie. Almost immediately I was accused by some Sanders supporters of being part of the vast media conspiracy against him.

Some Sanders supporters based their feelings on “polls” that showed him beating Clinton… but many of those were unscientific online polls. There is no doubt Sanders supporters are passionate, perhaps more so than Clinton supporters, and passion can overwhelm numbers when it comes to online polls.

Of course, while the results of official, scientific opinion surveys show Clinton as the winner, the pollsters will just be accused of being part of the anti-Bernie conspiracy. Everyone’s in on it.

The truth is they both did very well in the debate. The reason I gave Hillary the edge is because she was more confident on a fuller range of issues. Bernie’s strong suit is the economy and wealth inequality, but when it comes to other issues, he’s not quite as focused. Hillary – a consummate politician – has the focus.

As for which politician I like this most? Where’s my bias? I’m still waiting on Joe Biden.