WATCH: CNN asks Ben Carson if Obama is a “real black.”

Ben Carson speaks to Wolf Blitzer (CNN/screen grab)

It’s hard to believe this conversation actually happened on TV, on a so-called news network, in 2015. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked GOP candidate Ben Carson if President Obama is a “real black president.”

It’s like Blitzer can’t hear himself sometimes. And not just him, but a whole slew of TV anchors and pundits in their endless quest for ratings-generating controversy, sensationalism and manufactured outrage.

At least Ben Carson managed to offer the right response to such a ridiculous line of questioning. For once. I have no doubt, however, that Carson will go on to offer another ludicrous statement to astound us all with it’s stupidity, such as his comments about the Oregon shooting and his alleged holdup in Popeye’s.

But back to this mind-boggling exchange on CNN today:

“It’s a simple question,” Blitzer pressed. “Is President Obama a real black president?”

“Well, he’s the president and he’s black,” Carson laughed.

“So he’s a real black president,” Blitzer repeated.

“If — again, you know, we’re dealing with semantics,” Carson said. “As you know, I’m the last person who wants to play around with semantics and political correctness. You know, Rupert Murdoch said what he said. He apologized because a lot of people took it the wrong way. I think there’s so many more important issues to deal with.”

Watch it here: