Where the Democratic candidates are on guns.


Here’s a quick checklist of where Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, et al, are on guns.

Clinton is unveiling a sweeping gun proposal today that includes closing the gun show loophole and allowing victims of gun violence to sue gun manufacturers. She says as president she’ll tighten rules governing gun shows and Internet sales and will use executive action if Congress fails to act.

Senator Bernie Sanders hasn’t rolled out an official proposal yet, but after the shootings at Umpqua Community College in Oregon he released a statement calling for “sensible gun-control legislation which prevents guns from being used by people who should not have them.”

Sanders’ record on gun control is mixed. He voted to allow guns on Amtrak trains but has also supported universal background checks after the Sandy Hook mass shooting in 2012.

Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley has called on Sanders and Clinton to back gun control provisions including a ban on assault-type weapons.

Jim Webb is to the right of the other candidates. He, like Sanders, voted to allow guns on Amtrak trains. He also voted yes on prohibiting foreign aid to nations that restrict US gun ownership, and co-sponsored a bill banning gun registration and a trigger lock law in Washington DC.