What Trump’s success tells us about the GOP

Donald Trump mouth

What the success of the Donald Trump political reality show tells us is that the Republicans aren’t able to pick the best alternative among their sorry slate of candidates. If there was one that they really liked, that they really thought could get the job done, Donald Trump would already be a distant memory.

Jeb Bush has been a major disappointment, and I’m not the only one who looked at him and said, “There’s someone who doesn’t want the job.” Ben Carson is asleep and doing his best to get voters to join him (I suspect Ambien). Carly Fiorina seems unable to tell the truth. Ted Cruz is hated by almost everyone of any consequence in the GOP political machine. Mike Huckabee is staking his entire campaign on gay marriage, a dead-end issue. And the rest can’t get any traction either.

The truth of the matter is, the Republicans just don’t like any of them. Donald Trump rises to the top because he gets the most attention, but while his popularity numbers are high, his unpopularity numbers are just as high, even among Republicans.

It’s pretty late in the game for a Republican alternative to break from the pack, so Trump might just wind up with the nomination by default. With unpopularity numbers that high, he almost certainly will never sit in the Oval Office.