Hillary supporters vs everyone else


I posted something complimentary about Joe Biden on my Facebook page, and was immediately attacked by a friend who’s not only supporting Hillary, but is bound and determined to bash any Democrat who’s not.

Look, Joe is my top choice. That is NOT an attack on Hillary Clinton. I support Hillary, and I support Bernie Sanders too.

I will not be drawn into this apparent war some Hillary supporters have declared on anyone who doesn’t hate Joe or Bernie for not being Hillary.

Bernie hasn’t bashed Hillary. Joe hasn’t bashed Hillary. Hillary hasn’t bashed Joe or Bernie. Why some Hillary supporters feel the need to bash people, I don’t know and I don’t care. Just keep it away from me.

Yes, I know I got sucked into the Hillary supporters vs Barack supporters in 2008, but that’s why I’m sour on this intra-party conflict. It shocked me how virulently Hillary supporters went after those of us who supported Obama, and I didn’t like what it turned them — and me — into. Enough. I’m not playing this time.