Trump’s base appeal to bigotry

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 4.26.18 PMDonald Trump’s base appeal to bigotry is paying off big with Americans.

Pundits say Trump is popular because he speaks his mind. That’s not totally true. Trump is popular because he speaks his mind, and his mind is full of hate and bigotry. This hatred and bigotry appeal to Americans who have had to hide theirs so they could remain in polite company. But now that Trump has given voice to their basest xenophobic feelings, they’re coming out of the woodwork, just like the man at the Trump rally today who told him America’s biggest problem is “Muslims,” and he asked Trump when we would be able to “get rid” of them in America. And he threw in an accusation that President Obama is a Muslim and isn’t an American.

Trump did not dispute any part of the man’s statement or question.

You can watch the exchange here.


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