Right wing Christians are turned on by “persecution.”

Kim Davis blocking marriage

Nothing excites right wing Christians more than imagining their own persecution and martyrdom. It’s not just that they raise billions of dollars from the gullible with tales of alleged persecution, but that it genuinely excites them, almost to the point of being sexual.

I grew up as a conservative Christian, and one of our chief tenets was the terrible persecution of Christians coming in the “end times,” with great attention paid to all sorts of sordid details. The justification? Persecution allegedly proves you’re right. If you’re not persecuted, you don’t have real faith. Real Christians, see, will be persecuted and martyred. Fake Christians won’t.

And when that persecution and martyrdom doesn’t come, conservative Christians have to create it, or find some way to spin events so that they count as persecution. That’s why they’re LOVING the Kim Davis saga.