Biden has the highest favorability rating of ANY candidate so far, Democrat or Republican.

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In a new Quinnipiac University poll, Vice President Joe Biden handily beats anyone in the GOP field by a wider margin than Hillary Clinton. Of course, that’s not the headline in the media, which is solely focused on Donald Trump, who continues beating the rest of the Republican lineup, but continues to lose against Hillary and Joe.

If you dig deeper into Trump’s numbers, however, there are very troubling signs. Among Republicans, he’s got some severe problems on some pretty important issues, issues which could sink him in a general election and may keep him from winning the GOP nomination, despite how high his popularity numbers are.

But the real headline here, the one the media is missing, is that Joe Biden’s possible entrance into the race shows he’s stronger than Clinton in a general election, and this has got to be raising eyebrows among Democratic party power brokers. Biden has higher favorability ratings than ANY candidate so far, Democrat or Republican.

More from CNN:

Vice President Joe Biden fares better against top GOP candidates in hypothetical general election match-ups than Hillary Clinton, according to a new national survey.

The Quinnipiac University poll, released Thursday, also shows Donald Trump smashing the GOP presidential competition garnering 28% support from registered Republican voters in the 17-member field. The real estate mogul’s closest competitor is retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who tallies 12%.

[…} And Trump certainly isn’t loved by everyone, the survey shows. About 1-in-4 GOP voters say they would never vote for Trump, topping the field. Bush comes in second with 18%.

Clinton still leads the Democratic race at 45% support from registered Democrats, followed by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders at 22% and Biden — who is currently mulling a 2016 bid — at 18%.

But Biden, currently sporting the highest favorability rating among any 2016 candidates polled of either party, tops Trump 48% to 40%, compared to Clinton, who beats Trump 45% to 41%. Biden also beats Bush, 45% to 39%, compared to Clinton, who beats Bush 42% to 40%.


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