Seventh video released smearing Planned Parenthood… Still nothing.

Planned Parenthood video

There’s still nothing of any substance in the deceitfully-edited videos “exposing” Planned Parenthood with the release of a seventh video. But it won’t stop Republicans from using this as the big bad boogeyman to get the gullible fearful to the polls on election day.

Media Matters has the complete rundown.

The seventh video from the anti-choice Center for Medical Progress (CMP) falls flat in its attempt to smear Planned Parenthood, once again showing no clear evidence that the Planned Parenthood clinics broke any laws in obtaining fetal tissue donations from consenting patients. The latest video again relies on footage already debunked as highly edited, features conversations with third-party providers who acted as the middlemen between researchers and clinics, and relies heavily on the account of a technician who did not work for Planned Parenthood and who has been accused of violating her employment agreement with a third-party provider.

Anti-Choice Organization Releases Another “Documentary” Video Attacking Planned Parenthood

1. Video Still Shows No Clear Evidence Of Illegality And Key Witness Provides No Evidence That Planned Parenthood Broke The Law

2. Video Features More Third-Party Tissue Procurement Companies

3. Video Uses Highly-Edited Clips Of Planned Parenthood Officials Already Debunked As Deceptively Edited And Showing Nothing Illegal

4. Video Again Largely Relies On Third-Party Technician Who Did Not Work For Planned Parenthood, But Worked For A Middleman Company That Sold Fetal Tissue Donations To Researchers

5. StemExpress Says Technician Featured In Video Violated Employment Agreement