Trump just might win the nomination.

Donald Trump bad hair

Am I crazy for thinking that Donald Trump, for all his bullying, immaturity, lack of substance, insecurity, delusional thinking, insults and idiocy, just might win the Republican nomination?

In poll after poll, he keeps pulling ahead, no matter what offensive thing he says. And even his favorable ratings are on the rise among Republican voters.

Yes, I know fringe candidates have surged before but quickly burned out. I don’t remember any fringe candidate surging like this and maintaining the momentum as long as Trump has.

Some pundits smarter than me say, “Don’t worry, he’ll implode. He’ll do something dumb and fall as quickly as he rose.” Okay, maybe. Except that Trump has done dumb thing after dumb thing, and not only as he imploded from any of them, his support among Republicans has increased.

Trump just might win the nomination. Of course, that’s a reflection on just how crazy off-the-rails the GOP has become.