The nation’s oldest veteran has died. How long until Obama is blamed?

A Michigan woman who was thought to be the nation’s oldest veteran at 110 has died, about a month after meeting President Obama in the Oval Office.

It shouldn’t be long before right wing websites are full of conspiracy theories about how Obama killed her.

Barack Obama, Emma Didlake

Emma Didlake died Sunday in West Bloomfield, northwest of Detroit, according to the Oakland County medical examiner’s office.

Didlake was a 38-year-old wife and mother of five when she signed up in 1943 for the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps. She served about seven months stateside during the war, as a private and driver.

She spent time with the president in July during a trip to Washington that was arranged by Talons Out Honor Flight, a southwest Michigan chapter of a national nonprofit that provides free, one-day trips for veterans to visit monuments and memorials in the nation’s capital.