Here’s how much it would cost to deport all illegal immigrants in the US

Donald Trump Laconia

Deport all illegal immigrants in the US as Donald Trump says we should do? We would somehow have to make Mexico pay 735 billion to 935 billion dollars. Good luck with that. And the economic impact would be enormous.

By one estimate, removing the entire population of undocumented workers now in the U.S. would wipe out a chunk of the American economy roughly the size of the annual gross domestic product of Texas.Of the 41 million foreign-born people living in the United States in 2012, about 22 million were noncitizens, according to a Congressional Budget Office analysis of Census data. That noncitizen category includes lawful permanent residents (who are legally allowed to live and work here); temporary residents and visitors, and unauthorized residents. That last category includes some 11 million to 12 million people, a number that has stayed fairly constant, the CBO researchers said.

And a permanent border wall? That’s going to cost quite a bit too.

But while we’re talking about a wall, let’s talk aesthetics. What should it look like? I’m thinking Republicans have something in mind very much like the Berlin Wall… guards and barbed wire. What a lovely image for America to promote around the world.