Joe Biden hasn’t ruled out a run for president.


News media reported today that Joe Biden hasn’t ruled out a run for the presidency. He and his advisors are reaching out to Democrats who haven’t yet committed to Hillary Clinton, as well as some who have – but feel perhaps she may be vulnerable.

If Biden runs, much will be made of his alleged propensity to put his foot in his mouth. Well, they can call it what they will, but whenever Joe said something that he wasn’t supposed to say, it was never mean, it was never cruel, it was never hateful, and it was always about something honest.

They call Trump “refreshing,” but Trump comes from a place of hate and bigotry. Plus, there’s no “there” there with Trump. He’s all swagger, no dagger. Biden, on the other hand, is truly refreshing with his plainspoken honesty (sometimes too honest).

The VP is one of the smartest, savviest guys in politics. In fact, he has strengths President Obama lacks — Biden would really be able to work across the aisle and get things done, because he did it for years in the Senate. Obama has been (sometimes rightfully) accused of being a little too cool and aloof, and hasn’t done the best job schmoozing with other politicians to grease wheels, but this is something Biden is great at doing.

Republicans call Biden dumb at their peril. They confuse his good-natured positivity with stupidity, but they forget their own hero Ronald Reagan won huge victories with that kind of positivity. And Biden’s positive, can-do, slap your back, hey how ya doin’ personality can squash the hate, fear, paranoia and idiocy that will be offered by whoever wins the GOP primary.