Are you really surprised another cop has been caught lying?

Sam Dubose, killed by a cop for no reason at all.
Sam Dubose, killed by a cop for no reason at all.

Are you really that surprised another cop has been caught lying after he killed an unarmed black man? How many other cops have lied? How many times have we heard the lame excuse, “He was reaching for his waistband (even though he didn’t have a gun there)” or “He ran toward me in a threatening manner (even though the video shows him running the other direction)” or “He refused my command to get down on the ground (that I issued as I shot him)” or “He tried to grab my gun (as he was running away)” or “He was resisting arrest (as I was choking him to death)”? Odd how so many black men reach for their waistbands when they’re not armed.

Officer Ray Tensing of Cincinnati claimed he was “dragged” by Samuel Dubose’s car. I am not surprised at all that when we finally got a look at the video it showed the cop blatantly lied. Samuel Dubose had his face blown off for absolutely no reason at all.

But here’s the worst part: Don’t be surprised if Tensing’s trial finds him innocent. Even in cases where there’s clear video evidence that the cop lied and was completely in the wrong, the officer almost always gets away with it, especially when he’s white and his victim was black. Juries seem to always buy the “scary black guy” defense.