You can fight city hall, but you can’t fight the corporations.


In our capitalist system, the goal of a business is not to provide you with a service or a product, it is to put its competitors out of business.

While we allegedly have laws to prevent monopolies, and once upon a time they worked because they were enforced, they’re no longer a problem for mega-corporations. These huge conglomerates are so massive that no law and no government can exercise any check on their power. They are de facto monopolies all while maintaining the illusion of competition.

In short, we no longer live in a democratic republic. We live in a corporate oligarchy. Our present form of government does not represent your interests — not because they won’t but because they can’t. Corporations have all the power. Government is no longer a check on corporations, corporations are a check on government.

You have no power in the face of the almighty corporations. You can still fight city hall, but it’s pointless, because the real power – and the real money – isn’t there anymore.