The problem Obamacare didn’t solve is going to get worse.

Obamacare signature

Okay, there’s more than one problem Obamacare didn’t solve, but the biggest one is the fact that it left private health insurance companies intact, and they’re about to get bigger.

While Obamacare has seen to it that more people are getting covered, and more people have access to health care than had it before, we still have to deal with the insurance companies. And like other corporate beasts, they don’t give a shit about people. They just care about getting bigger and making more money. And the bigger they get the less they care. You, the patient, do not factor into it at all.

Now we’re going to have even bigger beasts in the health insurance pen, with Anthem buying up Cigna, coming soon on the heels of Aetna buying Humana.

Now think about cable companies… Did they get better when they merged into bigger mega-corporations? No, of course not. They got worse. Worse products, worse customer service. The same has happened, is happening, and will continue to happen with health insurance.

The aim, of course, is for mega-corporations to become so huge that absolutely no law can control or even affect them. And that’s why we’ll see more mergers of health insurance companies, and their customer service will be about as good as your cable company’s.

You certainly aren’t going to get better health care. Yes, the insurance companies, by becoming bigger entities, can command lower prices, but those lower prices will not be passed on to you. Your costs will go up. Not only that, doctors’ salaries will go down. It’s all about maximizing profit, which is what health care in America is all about.

And that’s what Obamacare didn’t fix.