The immorality of gay marriage

Donald Trump three marriages

People on their third marriages, with affairs on the side, are telling us how immoral gay marriage is, and how it will destroy America.

Dear marriage hypocrites:

“It will lead to a breakdown of the family!” you cry. You mean, like multiple marriages and affairs? How many stepfathers and stepmothers do YOUR kids have?

“Marriage is for procreation! Gays can’t make babies!” You mean, people unable to have kids shouldn’t be legally allowed to marry? And how soon should couples be required to have children in order to have a “legal” marriage? And maybe you need to brush up on biology, because gay people are just as able to father children or get pregnant as straight people.

“Gay marriage is a violation of my religious rights!” Oh? How so? What do YOU have to do differently in your personal life now that gay people can get married? Are you being forced to divorce your straight wife… again? This argument is like wanting to make cake illegal for everyone else because you’re on a diet.

“The biblical definition of marriage is one man and one woman!” First of all, that’s not true. “Biblical marriage” includes forced marriages, multiple wives (maybe you like that), child brides and on and on.Not to mention that back in those days women had no rights and were considered nothing more than property, “cattle” fit only for child bearing.

But let’s say you are enlightened enough to ignore the Old Testament, and choose instead New Testament marriage morality. In that case, you’ve got some other problems.

Jesus was pretty clear that remarriage after divorce was a sin. So why aren’t you working to make remarriage after divorce illegal?  How many times have YOU been married, you with your multiple marriages and affairs on the side?

Paul taught that Christians should not marry non-Christians. So where are your efforts to make inter-religious marriages illegal, hm? Paul went on to say if you become a Christian after you were married and your non-Christian spouse leaves you, you should let them go… but, remember, you can’t get remarried because Jesus said that was a sin! You’re stuck.

Marriage hypocrites, you are out of arguments against gay marriage. Please go away now.