Hysterical fatigue

I think what I’m experiencing is fatigue.

In the Bush years, all I heard was how Bush was going to put liberals into concentration camps and cancel elections. Then, of course, Obama won, and immediately all I heard from the other side was how Obama was going to put conservatives into concentration camps and cancel elections.

Anything Bush wanted and every law Bush got passed was going to “destroy the country.” Conversely, anything Obama wanted was going to “destroy the country.” Conversely again, anything Democrats wanted we HAD to get passed or it was the end of the world. If we didn’t win, or if we lost, it would destroy the country. And the other side shouted and yelled the exact same kind of rhetoric.

Yes, there are some things that severely damaged America, like the Iraq war, but the country is still here. We just had some massive social victories in the past week — Obamacare upheld and gay marriage recognized nationally. So, as in all things, we win some, we lose some, sometimes it’s a push, but life (and the country) goes on.

I think I’m finally exhausted, fatigued and worn out by all the political hyperbole, by literally every. little. thing. being OMG THE END OF THE WORLD.

There are mountains upon mountains of endless and hysterical hyperbole from both liberals and conservatives. I am still a liberal on almost every point, moderate on a few others, but damn, I am EXHAUSTED by the hysteria. And I really think that the hysteria is increasing as the political divide widens. I don’t know how much more I can take.

I still care. But some days it’s really hard to in all this noise. And dammit, I’ve added to the noise. I would like to find some way to make less noise… but to be heard more. I would like that for all of us.