Dear racists, STFU

Confederate flag South Carolina

Dear racists,

Removing the Confederate flag from the South Carolina capitol is NOT a violation of your free speech rights. You are still free to continue putting the racist, treasonous emblem on your truck, your dirty t-shirt, your belt buckle, your underwear or whatever else you like, to show the world that no matter what civilized society thinks, you’re still a racist and a traitor. Your right to tell the world you wish you could return to the days of slavery is still intact. That right of expression is not being violated.

So STFU about your free speech rights. You still have them. You can still make sure everyone else knows you’re a racist. All that’s happening is that the government isn’t going to pat you on your empty, racist little head and commend you for your racism any more.

Remember, free speech isn’t a guarantee of official government support, nor is it a guarantee of an audience or a microphone. Nor does it protect you from the free speech reactions of others pointing out what a racist and traitor you are.