Hillary Clinton weighs in on TPP. Sort of.

Photo credit: EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images)
Photo credit: EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images)

Hillary Clinton has weighed in on TPP and is seemingly aligning herself with its opponents. She is urging President Obama to work with Nancy Pelosi on the trade deal.

Obama has already spent time with Pelosi talking about TPP – see his recent visit to Capitol Hill to argue his case directly to legislators – and they haven’t come to any kind of agreement because Obama wants it and Pelosi doesn’t. I fail to see how they can work together on something one wants and the other doesn’t.

Ah, but that’s American politics, and now Hillary Clinton can say she’s addressed the trade deal, she can appear to be aligning with opponents of TPP, but not overtly in such a way she can be said to be opposing Obama outright.

At a campaign stop in Iowa, Clinton said Obama should work with opponents like House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, who engineered the defeat of a related trade package last week.

“I am willing to try now to see whether you can push to get rid of the objectionable parts, to drive a harder bargain on some of the other parts,” Clinton said.

If Obama does not get the best deal possible, “there should be no deal,” said Clinton, who is the front-runner among candidates to be the Democratic Party nominee for the November 2016 election.