Politics is lose-lose

Obama TPP

It’s disheartening that among people who really follow politics (I’m one) how we can agree 99% with a politician, but when they disagree on one point or do one or two things we don’t like, suddenly that politician must be opposed, stopped, run out of town, he’s no good, she’s the bad guy, etc., regardless of how much we agree with them on every other point.

Yeah, I’m talking about TPP in this case, but it doesn’t really matter what issue it is because it happens all the time.

Here’s the bitter, bitter truth: There will NEVER be a politician whom you can agree on every single issue, on every single point. If the criteria is perfection, you’ll wind up always being disappointed and always hating all of them.

This is one of the big problems in our political system, and politicians themselves inculcate it. Of course, we elect those politicians, they are us, so we are the problem. I have begun to realize humans aren’t really capable of governing themselves, at least not in large numbers, and we are certainly terrible at dictatorships as well. All in all, human politics is a lose-lose proposition. As a species, we’re a failure, Mozart and Carl Sagan notwithstanding.