Michigan legalizes religious discrimination

Rick Snyder

Republican Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has signed a law that will allow faith-based adoption agencies to claim religious beliefs as a reason to not serve potential adoptive parents… i.e, the gays or people who aren’t Christian enough.

Because Christianity is all about denying people.

Expect a Constitutional challenge.

Critics of the legislation, however, say the bills give agencies license to discriminate against potential parents based on sexual orientation, religion and marital status — while still being funded by taxpayers.

The law allows agencies to deny services if they conflict with “sincerely held religious beliefs contained in a written policy.” It also prohibits the state from taking any action against agencies that do so, including stripping public funds or otherwise “discriminating” against them.

American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan Deputy Director Rana Elmir said in a statement Thursday that they were planning a legal challenge.

“Agencies have a legal obligation to ensure the best interests of the child are considered during placement,” she said. “There is nothing about this shameful legislation that helps vulnerable kids find homes.”