McKinney pool party cop apologizes, says he regrets what he did.

McKinney pool party 1

The lawyer for Eric Casebolt, the McKinney, Texas cop who pulled his gun on teenagers at a pool party, says today “he apologizes to all who were offended” by his actions. Attorney Jane Bushkin says Casebolt “regrets” that his actions reflected poorly on the McKinney Police Department. Casebolt denies he just targeted the black kids, saying he also detained one white girl.

Casebolt has resigned from the police department.

He’s also playing the victim card, claiming he won’t address the media until it’s “safe to do so,” and he’s hiding in an “undisclosed location” because of “death threats.”

I’m sure it’s scary feeling your life is threatened, like having an angry cop pull a gun on you at a pool party.