Santorum’s campaign not setting Iowa on fire

Rick Santorum showed up at a campaign stop in Hamlin, Iowa to find only one voter waiting for him, but he called the event a success anyway. Three other voters managed to wander in after the “event” started. The rest of the “crowd” was made up of photographers and reporters.

He didn’t waste the opportunity to warn them about the horrible evil of gay couples getting married.

One newcomer, Glen Meyers, a minister from nearby Exira, asked Santorum for his thoughts on same-sex marriage. Santorum called it a threat not just to family but religious liberty

“This is where the left is saying, ‘Here is what your belief system should be, and anyone who does not toe the line, you’re a hater, you’re a bigot, you’re intolerant and you will not be tolerated,'” Santorum said.

The pastor seemed pleased with the response: “That was pretty good.”

A TV station reported the the crowds didn’t grow much when he spoke at a diner in Carroll later in the day.

“There were three of his own staffers, two Democratic campaign trackers, a waitress, a reporter, and just two diners,” according to the station’s report.

(Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)