Donald Trump wants to join the clowns in the clown car.

Donald Trump bad hair

But first, I demand to see the original, long-form sales receipt for his hair.

Donald Trump apparently wants to jump in the GOP clown car for 2016. The irony meter pegged when he referred to the other candidates as “clowns.”

RALEIGH – Billionaire businessman Donald Trump all but confirmed he’ll run for the Republican presidential nomination during a stop Saturday at the N.C. GOP convention.

Trump says he’ll make his formal announcement on June 16. “I think a lot of people are going to be very happy” with the decision, Trump told The News & Observer before a sold-out speech Saturday night. “They’re tired of watching America go down. … It’s about making America great again. I can do it, and nobody else can do it.”

He made a point of using the phrase “if I run” in his speech but voiced frustration with a disclaimer: “June 16, will you come, please, fast – I’m so tired of saying that.

Trump referred to the constantly growing field of Republican candidates as “clowns,” and said former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Sen. Marco Rubio have already made major gaffes.

I actually think it’s a great idea for Trump to enter the race. Because that, more than anything else, might convince Jon Stewart to stay on The Daily Show for the opportunity to cover what I’m sure will be an endless campaign of crazy-top missteps. How can Jon walk away now?