Obamacare: Obama wins, no matter what.

Obama meeting

The Supreme Court will issue its ruling on Obamacare in June. If the court upholds Federal subsidies, President Obama wins. If the court rules against Federal subsidies, Republicans lose. Obama and the Democrats get a huge political win no matter which way the court rules.

With a favorable ObamaCare ruling by the court, enrollments that have already been dramatically greater than opponents predicted will skyrocket even further, and premiums that have been lower than opponents falsely predicted will remain lower than expected because of the competition and choices created by ObamaCare.

Conversely, if the court rules against the subsidies, the immediate crisis caused by the ruling will bring havoc to healthcare. Republicans and the right will be deluged by devastating news stories about Americans losing their insurance, about citizens with preexisting conditions losing their coverage, about children being thrown off insurance plans because they could no longer be covered by their parent’s policies, and about insurance premiums skyrocketing because of Republican policies and a negative Supreme Court ruling.