NRA fear mongering is never ending

Are gun nuts ever NOT fear mongering? Haven’t they told us ever since Obama got elected that he was coming for our guns? As it becomes more and more obvious that not only has Obama NOT come for everyone’s guns, he hasn’t made one single move to take everyone’s guns… so now the NRA moves on to its next target to keep the brainless gun nuts in a frenzy of fear.

Right on cue, the National Rifle Association has unveiled its 2016 presidential election conspiracy theory with the baseless claim that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is harboring a secret plan to confiscate Americans’ firearms. But Clinton has never endorsed such a plan and in fact has defended private citizens’ right to own guns.

In a May 11 article published in the NRA’s magazine and on its lobbying website, the gun group wrote, “Whether or not she understands the Second Amendment, Hillary Clinton disdains and distrusts that freedom,” and claimed Clinton “wants control over every aspect of your right to keep and bear arms — so she can deny it at will.”

Clinton’s own recent statements about “the right of people to own guns” meant the NRA was forced to juxtapose a series of old Clinton quotes — some dating back to the late 1990s — and hope that its readers would make implausible leaps of logic to buy into the conspiracy theory that a President Hillary Clinton would confiscate firearms. The NRA ran a similar fearmongering campaign about President Obama during the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections that also had zero basis in fact.