Satanists strike a blow for abortion – on religious grounds

Satanist symbolSatanists in Missouri are fighting for the right to an immediate abortion – on religious grounds. And thanks to the religious right’s push for “religious freedom” laws, the courts may have to rule in the Satanists’ favor.

On Friday morning at 9:30 a.m., Mary (not her real name) walked into a Planned Parenthood in St. Louis, Mo., and requested an abortion. When they told her she would have to wait 72 hours, the state’s mandatory waiting period, and undergo an ultrasound, she handed them a prepared letter:

“As an adherent to the principles of the Satanic Temple, my sincerely held religious beliefs are: My body is inviolable and subject to my will alone,” it begins.

The letter (PDF) goes on to assert her religious right to decision making; argues that the Missouri law requiring a woman to wait before proceeding with the abortion is against aforementioned religious beliefs; and ends: “I respectfully request that you provide me with an abortion today.”