‘Kill the gays’ bill could still get on the California ballot.

Kamala Harris
Kamala Harris, California’s Attorney General, has tried to stop the bill from getting on the ballot.

The author of the hateful “kill all the gays” bill says he’s going to try to get it on the ballot in California without gathering signatures.

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF / AP) — In a bizarre legal twist in a jaw-droppingly hateful proposal that calls into question the entire California ballot initiative process, the author of a bill proposing murdering California’s gays may ask a court to place his proposal on the ballot without gathering a single signature other than his own.

In a letter quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle, Matt McLaughlin writes to the state attorney general, “Take notice that if your office and the California secretary of state refuse to clear the Sodomite Suppression Act for signature circulation, I may demand as remedy that it be placed on the election ballot directly.”

California Attorney General Kamala Harris is required by law to issue a title and summary for proposed initiatives after the filer pays the $200 fee. Then, the organizer can gather the 366,000 signatures needed to place it on the ballot for a public vote.

Harris on Thursday received an extension to the deadline her office faced next week for processing the proposed ballot initiative advocating shooting anyone in the head who touches someone of the same gender for “sexual gratification.

Harris asked a state court in late March for permission to reject the measure, calling it obviously unconstitutional and “utterly reprehensible.” But since a judge has not yet acted on the unusual request, she said in legal papers filed Wednesday that she would be legally bound to clear the initiative’s author on Monday to start pursuing the 366,000 signatures needed to put the law before voters in November 2016.