Why vote, gun nuts?

Larry Pratt

Right wingers and gun nuts sure do like talking about killing people when politicians they support like get elected. They’re always threatening to shoot when elections don’t go their way.

Is that really the way they think the country should be run? If you don’t like the results, kill the president? Then why vote, gun nuts? Why vote?

And when the hell is the Secret Service going to pay a visit to Larry Pratt and Joel McDurmon?

On his “Gun Owners News Hour” program in March, Gun Owners of America’s Larry Pratt invited Christian reconstructionist activist Joel McDurmon to discuss is work republishing a book from the 1920s on the role of pastors and “biblical law” in the founding of America.

This led to a discussion of how, in McDurmon’s words, President Obama along with “the entirety of Congress and the Supreme Court justices” are all “lawbreakers” because “they all operate outside the law to different degrees,” just like the English monarchy before the American Revolution.

McDurmon then brought up a colonial sermon citing the example of Charles I, who was executed for treason in 1649, as justification for regicide. This reminded Pratt of a speech by Patrick Henry against King George that made a similar point in justifying the killing of tyrants, which he said would provide a useful lesson to President Obama.