Memories Pizza: just another scam

Memories Pizza scam

The family who owns Memories Pizza in Indiana was quite public that they would never cater a gay wedding, and they got exactly the backlash they expected.

Then, as if right on cue, they “sadly” announced they had to close their doors because of all the nasty liberals and gays being mean to them. That, too, got the expected response: a conservative media outlet pretending to be “grass roots” started raising money for them — and all the publicity that goes with it.

As a result, they are nearly millionaires as of Sunday.

But here’s the catch: Memories Pizza has never catered a wedding or been asked to cater a wedding, gay or straight. So announcing it would never cater a gay wedding sounds a little suspect.

Once again, conservative Christians have played the “scary gays are martyring us” card in order to scam other conservative Christians out of money.

No one ever went broke pandering to hate in order to scam the hateful.