“No gays alllowed” is a lose-lose for the GOP

In addition to bringing on a very expensive backlash for his state, Indiana Governor Mike Pence signing the Republicans’ “no gays allowed” (let’s call it what it really is) bill into law is also going to be a major headache for the national GOP. Any Republican thinking of running is going to have to line up and support it or condemn it.

Anyone hoping to corral the right wing Confederate base will have to support it, but lose the rest of the electorate. If they condemn it, there goes the base and with it any chance at the Republican nomination. The “no gays allowed” bill is a lose-lose for the GOP.

It appears Jeb Bush and the other presidential wannabes have come out in support, so there go their presidential ambitions.

Thank you, Mike Pence! You have given a gift to the Democratic Party and the Committee to Elect Hillary Clinton.