Limbaugh can’t make up his mind about gas prices

According to Limbaugh, low gas prices are a sure sign the U.S. economy is “in the tank,” but previously Limbaugh insisted that high gas prices were part of President Obama’s sinister plan to cause “economic suffering.” Because having gas prices be high would somehow help Obama… [scratch head here]

So which is it?

Limbaugh opened the January 20 edition of his radio program by purporting to let listeners in on the “dirty little secret” behind these low oil prices — a struggling economy. Limbaugh charged, “One of the leading, or primary, reasons why the price of oil is down, and gasoline, is demand. Demand is down. And the demand is down because the U.S. economy’s in the tank.” The reason “you won’t find very many experts acknowledge this,” he went on, is “because it contradicts the idea that the economy is roaring back.”

Limbaugh’s theories stand in stark contrast to those he offers when gas prices are high. He’s spent years accusing President Obama of desiring high gas prices in order to hurt the economy and Republican voters, pushing for high prices to be a central economic criticism of Obama’s first term.