Wholesome Huckabee, fan of Ted Nugent, doubles down on unwholesome Obama daughters

Mike Huckabee

Radical American Christian cleric Mike Huckabee is doubling down on how the Obama daughters aren’t “wholesome.” Remember, Huckabee is the guy who has hosted racist and pedophile Ted Nugent on his TV show — with kids in the audience. Nugent has sung songs about raping 13 year old girls. Nugent has threatened to “hunt down liberals like dogs.” He has threatened to shoot President Obama and Hillary Clinton. He has joked about orally raping Hillary Clinton with a machine gun. He regularly refers to others as “subhuman mongrels” and borrows many other phrases from Adolf Hitler. Nugent is someone Huckabee thought was “wholesome” for his family audience. Yet Huckabee thinks the Obama daughters aren’t wholesome because that evil black man in the White House allegedly lets them listen to Beyonce.