There’s no escaping big money

Photo credit: Jonathan McIntosh, Wikimedia Commons
Photo credit: Jonathan McIntosh, Wikimedia Commons

I’m not saying both sides are the same, they’re not. But it’s time to acknowledge that the Democratic Party is just as beholden to and nearly as poisoned by big money and corporate influence as the Republican Party.

That’s not a problem of the parties, however, it’s a problem of our country. It signals the death of our entire political system because corporate money and control is so deeply intertwined with and so completely in control of it there’s no repairing it.

There’s far more cancer than healthy tissue.

Am I calling for a third party? No, that would be useless. A third party can get nowhere unless it becomes as beholden to big corporate money, and once it does, it would be just as corrupted.

More and more, society is only for the benefit of our corporate masters. More and more federal and state legislation is proposed and written by, and passed at the behest of, wealthy oligarchs.

Welcome to the future of western civilization. It is completely in the hands of big money.

So where do we go from here?