Body cameras for cops

One of Taser's Axon cameras, worn on the shirt; other models fit on sunglasses or hat brims.
One of Taser’s Axon cameras, worn on the shirt; other models fit on sunglasses or hat brims.

President Obama is proposing money for body cameras for cops… something that would keep things like Ferguson from happening, or at the very least, allowing us to get to the bottom of it without as much doubt. The problem, of course, is the cops: In places where cops have recording equipment in their cars, it’s amazing how often the equipment “fails” whenever there’s an incident where their wrong-doing is suspected. Cops have been known to disable the transmitting antenna, recording camera and microphone when they know they’re about to something wrong.

But with the President proposing money for body cameras will likely only ensure the Republicans will now make it a holy cause to oppose them. Body cameras will be called socialism, Nazism, communism, Islamic, unholy, antichristian, it will destroy the country, it will kill your grandmother, whatever else they can think of, because the one and only thought in the head of a Republican is that whatever Obama wants must be opposed at all costs.

The White House announced Monday that President Barack Obama¬†will sign an executive order¬†meant to improve training for local law enforcement agencies that receive equipment through federal grant programs. Among the proposed initiatives is a 3-year, $263 million investment package, of which $75 million would go toward covering half the cost of 50,000 officer-mounted cameras — a technology that has been widely cited as a necessary police reform following the death of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager shot and killed by Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson in August.